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Greetings and Salutations! One and All! Well I will tell you this has been a very dynamic week for me personally with all the energies going wild and bouncing off of everyone and everything! Some awesome new stuff was born out of this chaotic energy but it was very difficult to ride this wave!

One of the things I have been learning to do is to be aware. We touched on this in the last entry on mindfullness and we gave you an exercise to play with over the week. How did that go for you? Did you start to notice any changes within your being?

Dr. Bruce Lipton, talks in his book, ” The Biology of Belief”, about how our ” Perceptions” can absolutely have a profound effect on our physical and emotional well being. How we “see” our world through our filters of experiences can be skewed and absolutely create real physical issues. It’s been said, there is your truth, my truth and THE truth. The fact of the matter is, all of us have these experiential filters that cause us to have the experience of something loving or something fearful. If we are in a state of fear, our physical bodies go into a protection mode and we stop growing, we lower the immune system, and deplete from other systems in the body that we use for growth, because on a very primal level we are telling the body to prepare for fight or flight. When our bodies do this, extra blood etc. is sent to the muscles to get ready to run or fight. When we come from a place of bliss or peace or love, our bodies are relaxed and in the mode of growth. The very interesting thing which I found amazing in the ” Biology of Perception” was the tidbit that all of our habits, and beliefs are stored in the “subconscious” not the “conscious” mind. That these two are like two different people. The “subconscious” is very logically based and likes order and is “timeless” it does not know past or future, only current input in the NOW moment, it does not understand otherwise. The “conscious” mind is the part of us that says, “Hey let’s go check that out and get some new experience!” It is the free flowing creative side that doesn’t mind chaos, and getting stuck in the past or the future creates issues if we address issues from this perspective. This is the problem with self help books. They address the conscious mind not the subconscious. You have to address both to gain true healing and balance.

So what are some ways that we begin to reprogram the subconscious mind to be in harmony with our conscious mind? Well there are many tools out there which can be used to achieve this goal. As with all things intent and commitment are key. You have to have a willingness to achieve this. Now at times the subconscious is not ready to accept that change.

How can you tell if the subconscious is ready or not? The human body is equipt with its own bio feed back equiptment! It’s fantastic! Kinesiology is a wonderful tool to help assess and diagnose an issue that may be blocking healing. This same idea can be used to correct thinking and perception.

With regard to mindfullness, where are you feeling it in your body. Last week we had you note 20 things in a room when you found yourself triggered. This week I want you to be aware of where you are feeling your feelings in your own body. What physical signals are you getting from your own body (natural bio feed back) about how you are feeling.

If you wish, take this a step further, and write it down, so you can see in writing, what time of day, what are the triggers, what is the core emotion that is associated with that, it can be simple like feels good or feels bad. By creating this record you begin to see the patterns of your own responses and how your body is affected. By doing this you can begin to reprogram the thinking patterns which were learned at a young age.

I am going to post some videos which far better explain this process of kinesiology and the ways you can use this modality to shift yourself and your perceptions.

Dee Wallace shared a wonderful exercise she did with her seminars, that she would give everyone a PlayDough ball and tell them to create something. Everyone would. Then she would instruct them to mush it up into a ball and create something else.  Her analogy being, we as humans complicate things, that changing our life and our reality is as easy as mushing up that playdough and starting another creation. Instead, we like to hold that creation, drag it around with us everywhere showing it off to everyone etc not doing anything to change that thinking.

So practice being aware of what you are feeling, and where you are feeling it in your own body. Use your own natural biofeedback to help you identify what the challenge areas are within your own being.

Watch these videos on some tools to use to begin to make real changes in your life, in your “perceptions” and beliefs! Let us know what you think!

Until next time! Blessings from me and mine to you and yours in the heart of Oneness. Namaste~!

This first set of videos are from Bruce Lipton, he explains the biological reasons that positive thinking works and how.

I will only post the first one, there are seven in the series! Watch the entire set!

This second set is part II of the lecture featuring Rob Williams, the creator of PSYCH-K, who gives wonderful tools to remove old programming and replace it with new improved ideas that are more in alignment with where you want to be!

This is the “Psychology of Change” by Rob Williams this is part 1 of 8 and you will want to see all 8!

This is a different take on his method

This is a short one on self testing

This again another version of self testing from the folks at enjoyabetterworld.com

This is Dee Wallace on Creative Consciousness, interview on Braveheart Women

This is part 1 of 3, this book is dynamite! You will want to see all of this interview!

Finally Gary Zukav and Linda Francis talk briefly about Authentic Power!

I do hope you find these videos helpful, I know I certainly have.

Blessings all until we meet again!

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Greetings and Salutations! One and ALL! Well I will tell you the lady of the night, La Luna, in her fullness wreaked havoc on the emotional bodies of many this past week but thanks to the 3/3/3 energy wave of love which was just released we are experiencing a moment to catch our breath! Seems the energies of the planet were just slightly crazy for a brief moment but for those who remembered to do their meditations and continue to allow the waves to pass through with ease and grace and see them coming gently like a lapping wave against the lakes shores, stayed focused on positive outcomes faired better then those who did not. Positive thinking is essential and to remember always that we are completely supported and surrounded with love and light and there’s many beings helping us from the other side, as well as our ancestors. The road is narrow, and not always easy to walk, we stumble and pick ourselves up and grow with each lesson. Remember that with each door closing there is a window that opens and to release the fear to the universe for transmutation. Surrender it to God as they say. Change is just that, the natural ebb and flow of the universal energies, as you know nothing is stagnant and there nothing to fear. Embrace the waves as they roll in and allow them to pass quickly. Be forgiving of yourselves and each other. We are all in the same boat and we should remember tolerance and forgiveness in remembering that we are all here to learn, to do our part and to hold the balances of duality help bring them back to center from the extreme polarities, this often times is not our stuff it’s the planetary stuff we agreed to transmute when we took on these missions. At times we feel what is the point because as our faces are smooshed against the tree we cannot see the forest and must go within to change that reality so that we may step back and gain a better perspective of where we stand with relation to the forest.

As we begin to grow we can begin to step up into the roles as co creators if you will and change the outcome! We can do this if we think about things in a place of peace and love and harmony internally so that is what reflects outwardly and we then attract that energy. You do not want to come from a place of fear. It is much easier said then done I realize but truly if you can achieve this state, the payback for that or the benefit of that action is love and ease and grace back to you when you need it most. So remember to forgive and to love yourselves and your enemies too. For there is no separation in the unity of oneness. Live life, experience it, accept new opportunities. My friend said to me yesterday, “Obstacles are things we see when we take our eyes off our own path”. I thought that was very profound. The chaos wants distraction, keep your eyes on the prize or be still and let it pass, let the drama leave with those who will bring it forth. Do not hold onto it, like the winds through the leaves let it pass through your being transmuted in light. Run purple and blue and green through your being then the rest of the rainbow colors blended in. Clean your auras regularly. It will help with the fatigue. Wash your hands more if around a lot of negativity or handling a lot of counseling or healing in a day. Water is a wonderful way ot purify on the fly.

We have some interesting alignments coming up through March 22, 2010, we can expect more earth shift activity. The magnetics have stablized for the moment but I feel they will kick up again by late next week and attitudes will be flying all around. As mars complets his circle and moves back to a forward direction we will see that energy pulling alot of the emotional residuals out of the emotional bodies and venus will be assisting in this dance as will Mercury have his two cents to say as well, so with all these big players shifting in their symphony we are affected by the octives as the waves hit our small home planet. Again, stay out of fear, see different outcomes to the hype, see it move with ease and grace, send love to our planet to help her move through her birthing pains gently and with love and support. It can only help.

This is going to be a short blog for me tonight as I too need to be in some quiet space to stayed centered. Until next time, blessings love and light! xoxo Kimberly

Some further thoughts from our poet yesterday, he’s really more a philosopher and walking conundrum, my friend Stan….but he will definitely make you think! Here’s some other thoughts he shared with me yesterday.

Does the possibilities of the probable out weigh the probability of the possible? Or is it all just perceptions of perceptions with so few absolutes?
“A friend answered”
Okay. Do the possibilities of the probable out weigh the probability of the possible?…. Possibilities are increasing the field, whereas probabilities are limiting. So the possibilities of the probable would include an almost infinite field, whereas the probabilities of the possible would be an increasingly narrow field. So yes.
Or is it all just perceptions of perceptions with so few absolutes?… Also a yes. Reality is our inner translation, or perception, of what we view in the outer world, also a perception. So our opinion of the small amount of data of the world we view. Because we are taking from such a small sample, and we’re biased, none of it is truly absolute.

The Guild

What is a psychic made of
I’ll tell you it’s not love.
It’s pain and grief and lot’s of frustration,
and total chaos from isolation.
Your friends and your family think your insane,
this is normally the gist of the game.
People ask you for answers to find,
some of their questions torment your mind.
Yet with an open heart we all try to forge on,
trying to be in key with the metaphysical song.
But some of the notes seem out of key,
and most of the readings don’t come for free.
One way or another we pay for it all,
never getting any sleep, taking call after call.
Listening to all kinds of people with an open heart,
taking on pains we wish we could depart.
So the next time you talk to a psychic, remember
it takes lots of grief to become a member.

Dedicated to My “Friend”
The Psychic Traveler
Stanley Victor Paskavich
Author of Stantasyland

Messages for today from a soldier of the past…..these poems come from a man who fought in a war for his country has died and come back more times then the average person and is a multiple walk-in and still deals with the struggles of a war that was not his to fight, but did his duty and his life changed forever…..these poems reflect some of that processing and wisdom. Thank you Stan and all our soldiers of war, past and present. It is my hope in our new world that peace and love reign for the good of all concerned. Amen

The Right War

The war wachine the war machine oiled by the blood of man,
the war machine the war machine consuming every flag it can.
The battles we fight get more technical every day,
and destroys nature and where children play.
From toy soldiers to a fighting man,
with guns and bombs or hand to hand
the best of the best walk land to land
supporting their countries own war plan.
Yet, in the end will any one see
the thing they all call victory.
For after the battle what place does glory give,
in a country where the conquered painfully live.
I believe it’s time we fought a war of wit,
with the outcome of a planet that’s perfectly fit.
Not just for peace or love of each man,
but, to preserve life and nature right where we stand.
For Life is a blessing and should be treated as one,
combine it with nature and the wars will be done.

Truth Peace Tranquility (TPT)
Stanley Victor Paskavich
Author of Stantasyland

All Enemies Foreign and Domestic

America’s fighting an unpopular war,
many of our soldiers have died or seen gore.
Some will have injuries until they reach their death,
from the oath that they swore with dutiful breath.
Our country is strong, our nation is proud,
thank all our soldiers with praises out loud.
Don’t judge our leaders for choices they make,
doing this could be ones biggest mistake.
Remember great nations often fall from within,
loosing faith in our leaders could lead to the end.
I salute you my comrades both living and dead,
may you be blessed for the oath that you’ve said.
May your gift to this country be service, or death,
not ever fall silent on your country mans breath.

Stanley Victor Paskavich
Author of Stantasyland

Love far away

As she slept in the moonlight through her window.
Dreaming of her soldier far away,
She had sand in her eyes from where he stay.
Her Lover was in Iraq with many others
So far from all their fathers and their mothers.
Defending the American way.
As she slept with the moonlight through her window,
she tossed and turned through most of the night.
Praying God would look over her dear soldier
and for them to soon be together
in each others arms filled with delight.
All she could dream of was her lover
fighting for freedom where he stay.
Hoping he would return to her one day.
But, she knew that he must right now serve his country
and for this he might have to give his life,
yet, she also knew after his duty
if he returned he would make her one proud wife.
Stanley Victor Paskavich
Author of Stantasyland

Sending Them Home

Body bags,Toe tags assorted pieces galore.
Once they were a soldier, now their my minds horror.
I am only treated I never will be well.
I walk as people stare at me in my living Hell.
I did my job in the morgue to the best of my ability.
Now the morgues trapped in my thoughts,for me to always see.
Many colors, sounds and smells are triggers in my mind.
but, I’d send my comrades home, again time after time.
The closure I helped give to the families of the dead,
was the sacrifice my mind endured leaving me in dread.
We gave the fallen the most respect a soldier could ever see,
and I have no regrets for the pain that’s trapped inside of me.
PT-SD and a Bi Polar mind will be with me to the end,
but, even though I suffer I’d do it all again.
Years ago suicide seemed like the only thought I knew,
As I sat and drank heavily it seemed like the thing to do.
The pills I take to go to sleep get weaker every year,
the tears I find in my eyes respect the fallen dear.
The VA does the best they can with my splintered mind,
yet, I fear it may burn out somewhere down the line.

Stanley V. Paskavich
Author of Stantasyland


I’ve seen war I’ve been to Hell,
With human parts that looked liked gel,
and some things I could not tell,
that makes me not feel very well.
Until I say my last farewell,
or God does ring my final bell.
They’ll be trapped within my mortal shell,
inside my mind where the pain does swell.
I scream and cry and laugh and yell,
from the ward or from my cell.
It’s Like I’m under some ones spell,
and into their grips I have fell.
There’s no reason to rebel,
this is my pain in which to dwell.
That holds no way to dispel.
Stanley Victor Paskavich
Author of Stantasyland

Writen from my own experiences during Desert Storm

Brotherhood Lost

There he sits in an alley with his finger in a can for the last drop of grease,
wearing pieces of a uniform which once stood for pride and supported peace.
This lost homeless soldier once was so gallaint and brave,
now often he sits chilled and hungry awaiting his grave.
Soldier’s are trained to be brave and look fear eye to eye,
thousands are homeless laying in alleys wishing to die.
Countless money is spent teaching men how to survive,
yet, when they return to the Urban’s they live barely alive.
Employers sometimes won’t hire a veteran mainly out of fear.
They’re stuck on the movies where a soldier cuts a man ear to ear.
Soldiers are trained to rise to the call,
they’re not blood thirsty maniacs wanting bodies to fall.
All soldiers are told to have faith in their leaders and God up above,
I salute you my comrades and pray you find serenity, peace and love.
It’s not just our leaders that need to make the plan
our veteran’s need help from each and every woman and man.
Lets pray the religions can donate some money too.
for the sacrfices those made for GOD country and you.

Stanley Victor Paskavich
Author of Stantasyland

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