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Greetings and Salutations One and All. Today, I want to address something which has become a prevalent theme across the world today. FEAR.

This is a dis ease which affects every single human being and being period upon this planet. Many if not all of the negative or lower vibrational emotions stem from this very simple yet complex word.

What I am witnessing in my lifetime, just blows my mind. I have always known there were those pockets of human beings which saw things through hateful eyes and be so righteous and justified in their reasons for being that way.

Through the eyes of a child….perhaps this is the way that I see things. Because to me, there are no borders, there is no separation from my brother across the ocean to the sister on the other side of the globe. We all on at least a primal level operate the same way. Ultimately in our perceptions we do as well. Those who hate Americans because we are presumptuous and spoiled and arrogant, yet americans would say the same of the French! What is up with this concept of separation?

We have come to a new extreme of that concept which is driven completely by fear! Really people, let’s get real about this particular reality! One no one wants to admit or look at or deal with. We have forgotten tolerance and brotherhood. It’s all about ME and what’s in it for ME? Where have we come to with this idea that we are ENTITLED to anything! On any level?! Wow! I am so totally blown away by that fear that it makes my head spin and I sit on my blog trying to figure it out because in my vibration and reality I just do not operate on that same note at all.Apathy is the opposite of empathy. Our empathy is what drives us, so where can we find a happy medium?? Where is the center of both extremes. Be grown up enough to compromise and realize that we all have the right to contribute. We all have the responsibility to contribute. WE all have to work, share the load, offer our gifts, now some say this is socialism, well we are social beings. I suppose in that sense we are, but I would prefer to see this as communal living. We co exist on the same planet why not work together instead of tearing each other down in a fight for imagined control? What is up with that?

The more I evolve the more I realize that we must come from a place of love not fear. The reality that I create for myself is one of love not fear. One of abundance not lack. I choose to create a new reality for myself that is more in alignment with my current vibration because I cannot function in that lower way of thinking any longer.

Now I have come to a new cross roads, that is finding people who resonate with that idea. That it’s not all about the positive because in the law of opposites we will get the opposite effect if we push it away it will come back. If we acknowledge its existence and allow it to pass through us with love ahhh now there is the trick! Finding the balance in the idea of duality. We all know you cannot have dark without light, up without a down, we require the contrasts to experience both angles of life or the experience of life in the physical reality.

Problem is we are sucked up into those roles.Our egos and mental bodies thrive on that stuff and the drama that is created! We LOVE drama! It would be so ultimately boring if we didn’t have those extremes.

When I look at the world I see beauty all around me. I see love in the mother’s with their children or the act of kindness to an elderly person. I see people who really want unity and working to help their fellow man, even if it’s just in their own neighborhoods. So much so that I put the what’s good in the news tonight segment on my show. That what we focus on is what we create.I accept that I am in the world and have to deal with many realities, but I do not have to be of it and participate entirely with it. I can watch from the outside and enjoy the show. I look past all of it and try to see what IS, not how I see it. This is part of the trick of staying in the moment. Not easy I know. We want to fall into that deep groove on a broken record. We have to let go of that old programming. Or I can participate but with the intent of love and doing things for the highest good of all concerned. Because sometimes bad things have to happen to make way for the new …. that is just a fact of life in duality. If we didn’t know the sorrow, the joy would not be as sweet.

If we are all complaining that we do not like this or that, or this idea will never work, then put in your two cents! See if you can pursuade others to see your solution as the best for all concerned. To sit there and complain constantly is only going to prolong the change process. Get your blood pressure up and solve absolutely nothing. Put out hate, it’s what you are going to get back! Stop fighting the changes and start being a part of the solution!Stop pointing fingers and look at the three pointing back to who? YOU! Look at why are you are so reactive! What are you really afraid of ? Why does this make you mad? What SOLUTION can be offered to make it work?

Choose to come from love, compassion, “how would I feel if I were on the other side?” If this is the foundation that has been laid, how can we make this work? Pointing fingers and blaming and being mad because you do not want this change is futile.There is a change coming, it is the way of the universe. This time is done and it is a time for unification and working together and remembering that Creator is the greatest force of all, that even when we think that it’s the end of the line, a miracle occurs and it’s all changed in one moment. That is how life is, even when we think or feel that things are disasterous, something amazing happens and things do not work out as badly as they could have.

We have the responsibility my brothers and sisters to write our future for our children and children’s children. We have been given the ultimate in responsibility. To write the prophesies of our future fathers. We are the foot prints they will follow. How do we want that picture to look really? With squabbling and control games? Fear and hate? or do we want them to live in peace and cooperation and tolerance? If thats what we want for them then we need to start looking at how we are really really treating others and seeing our world around us.

If we are still seeing the world as us and them then we are still stuck in the old programming and ways of thinking and are not looking at a very happy future there. The frequencies will not withstand that. So you have to choose, now, fear or love? There is no happy grey areas n this final act. It’s one or the other, and from a state of love, we just allow things to be what they are and trust the universe has things under control and we will get precisely what we ask for. Because the universe has no concept of time or good or bad it simply doesnt exist on the other side that way.

We are coming into a new reality and it starts with the one in the mirror. We have to be able to objectively look at our good and bad sides and thoughts. Do our best to recognize what is and what is a programmed response.

We are so programmed to live in fear. Unplug from it and be Neo and think for yourself. Listen to your heart where we all beat with one heart.

Stop the hate. Do your best to spread the love. Speak your truth, but do not force it. Agree to disagree for we are not all the same. We have different perspectives based on our own personal walk and experience of this lifetime. We are all unique, all have a story to tell. And if you are smart, then you will listen with an open ear, mind and heart and embrace the differences and learn from those experiences rather then shoot them down and call them names and try to destroy them to control them or to change their thinking! None of us have that right. We are no one to judge a sister or brother unless we have walked their path and seen it through their eyes from start to finish. Their experience is their own. Yours is your own. To them their positions and choices are right based on their perceptions , to you, it may not be the same because that didn’t work for you because you are different. So what ? So now because I cannot communicate with you I should hat you and force you to learn my way or go away? Who do we think we are? Wow! Power , greed, control or lack thereof all of it FEAR. Fear that someone has more then us. Fear they will gain control over us if…Wow!

That is what needs to stop. That thinking. We have to change that picture. Thats my brothers and sisters from the other parts of the world. Welcome them and teach them love. Even if they are naive and young and do not know better still be true to yourself and choose love. It’s a much better place to be. A state of love.

People think that this is idealistic thinking and perhaps to them that is right. To me it is a partial solution. What do you have to offer as a parital solution that is in fairness to all without judgment or control or fear?

Things to ponder and muse upon. What do you choose? Does what you would want to choose and what is line up? If you are not a hypocrit, stop behaving like one! If you are about unity then encourage that in the proper manner, with balance and love and divine guidance. Love thy brother as thyself. If he slaps your face offer the other cheek, if he steals your coat then offer your shirt. The ones who act out the hardest need the most love. To engage and argue only perpetuates the issues, so just let them be. Let them think what they want. It’s theirs their thoughts and they are not yours. If it doesnt resonate leave it. We do not alway have to agree, but we do always have to respect another beings right to be. Right to live and learn and grow. We would get along alot better if we saw things this way. Our country your country, our people your people, the perverbial “us” and “them” or “right” and “wrong” . By whose standards? Gods? because HIS are the only ones that matter.

That’s how I see things. I can only shake my head at my brothers and sisters when they spew hate and loathing for a president who inherited a mess to clean up and begin the winds of change long over due. You may not agree with all that is going on …. but I for one commend them for at least trying! OK so it may not be right the first round, but it can be tightened up to work! How can we fine tune it to make it work ? How can we work together to achieve peace and harmony on Earth?

Hugs to all, much love n light in oneness of heart!


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As a citizen of this country and still free to speak my mind under what is known as the constitution, I have to ask my government officials what the hell are you thinking?!  This state and all states in this union are suffering under a depression guised as a repression and you cannot think of better things to so but hassle medical marijuana dispensaries? In case most of you do not know what they are doing here, let me inform you what the idiots are doing now….. Here in Boulder, the banks have decided that they will no longer allow any bank account that is associated with the distribution of medical marijuana to exist. Of course you have to have a bank account in order to be a legit business etc and have basically attempted to shut down the pot shops here in Boulder.  Their reasoning is this, “Since marijuana is still illegal federally and we are run federally we cannot take the risk of such involvement with these businesses”. Now, Obama has come out and stated publicly that the federal government is not interested in people who are dying and sick and need this as a medicine like you or I would need aspirin to remove pain, but more in the big players like the Cartel and they will focus those dollars on the heavier drugs such as Cocaine and Meth.  In the state of California they generated over 8million in excess tax revenue for the state since the beginning of 2008 and it continues to grow. With our country facing $45,000 a person in deficit, our amazon forests being destroyed, our energy usage needing reform to alternative fuels etc, why in the hell are you fighting the legalization of this particular crop???!!!! It makes no common sense in this day and age to continue with the archaic thinking that this PLANT is some how responsible for people making choices about their bodies freely! The Bible says, “All that you need to heal yourself has been placed upon this planet” HELLO!!! This was placed here as a medicinal HERB not a DRUG! For God’s sake salvia is more potent then pot and it’s still legal! What are you thinking? Except that you are forcing your MORAL OPINION into business, except a completely uneducated and fearful perspective which was fed to you as propaganda that this HERB is bad for you and causes people to go crazy like lets say ALCOHOL which is totally legal! Pot is better for you then many of these so called processed drugs the drug companies push on people through the legal pushers known as doctors! The worst side effects you can list is hungry, tired, increased sexual arrousal and mind expansion! Better then cigarettes too, not even the surgeon general can say that it’s bad for your health because it’s NOT! So unbelievable are these bankers and legislatures I mean really, you have no problem taking lobby money from pharmaceutical companies but you are going to waste tax dollars and not take advantage of a legitimate revenue resource based on morals! Are you kidding me with some of the snakish moves corporate America has put onto the citizens of this country, you would allow sick, elderly and dying people to suffer more greatly because you have a moral opinion on something which you have never even tried! That is ridiculous! Preposterous! Incredulous! This country is dying as we ship our work out to foreign countries, jobless rates are at an all time high since the depression and we have a true opportunity to create serious revenue and solutions to our own and world problems and you idiots in charge have the gall to complain and ask for money from the feds and then shut down the entrepreneurs who still believe in the American dream by pulling some legal mumbo jumbo for moralistic reasons! UNREAL! I’m sorry but government and banks should be welcoming these shops and the people who support them! There is a true need for this~! People should not have to suffer if there is a known cure! It’s just not right, and really you people need to re-think and educate yourself on the subject of cannabis and all it’s possible uses of hemp! You need to the next time you are nauseous, smoke a joint and see what the REAL effect on you is not the scare tactic version of the government’s war on drugs! It’s preposterous that they are allowed to get away with keeping humanity oppressed! It has proven itself as a legitimate medicine over and over again, and it generates jobs and money for the country and the state so really what are your holier then though reasons for doing this??? !!! I highly recommend that you write our government officials and raise your voice on this issue. There is a wave of change in the air, growing pains are never easy but freedom and the right to do business as a sovereign citizen are at stake even if you disagree with the product! If we allow them to use bully tactics like this on what is a moral issue then we have already lost, and do not deserve our freedom! Speak! Make noise! Do not allow this to happen! If you have never tried it, never experienced it’s good qualities, talk to cancer patients who have! Talk to people with chronic pain who have! Equality to all mankind! Right to not suffer in pain when sick! Right to healthcare for all! Right to free trade and commerce in this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I am proud to be an American and ashamed of some of the people’s behaviors! Truly I am disgusted with your latest attempts to control the people. You still have a higher power to answer to you bankers and judgmental people! and let me tell you! GOD DOES NOT LIKE UGLY! I hear people say that the people of Haiti had it coming because they were heathens, well you better take a look in the mirror, because what you are doing is dead wrong! And you WILL have to answer for it! What goes around comes around, the laws of cause and effect. If you put out ugly behavior, you will get it back, if you hold another back, then you can expect the same to be done to you, and really really, Mother Nature will have the final say, so all you manipulators and judgmental hypocrites beware! Woe unto you pharasees and scribes who attempt to control God’s will and divine plan! The people have the power and yours is only perceived for in the end we are all one in God’s eyes! Wake up and stop your hate war! Stop your bullying and forcing people to adhere to your moral belief! You are entitled and so are we the people to our belief! We do not have to agree, but we do have to support freedom and respect other people’s right to BE! That’s what you keep telling our military men and women anyways! That’s why we are still in a place we have no business in spending trillions of dollars to support FREEDOM for all right? ! That should apply across the board, especially in this country! People wake up and pay attention to what is really going on in the world because they have lied to you and continue to do so and all the while they slowly take our rights as human beings to be free and sovereign citizens away!  Stand up! Speak up! Wake up! There I have said it, I hope at least people of America you will hear this from me… I am speaking, I have called and written my officials and will continue to do so, for where there is a man woman or child with no voice i will speak. I will tell the truth and I will fight for true freedom! I am a messenger of God and I know His heart, what is going on is not right. This is a free will zone, I have the freedom to live my life as I see fit whether you agree with me or not. We forget … judge not lest you be judged, pull the log from your own eye before you speak of the splinter in your brother’s eye! Ok, I am off my soap box on this subject. Thanks for listening! Blessings to all. May the LIGHT win in this battle.

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