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Waiting on pins and needles all day while the immediate threats of the day subsided. I have family outside of Santiago, Chili and my son in Honolulu in the Navy. So today was a bit of a pins and needles day. I was reminded by a dear friend to see the waves coming in gently, calmly and miracles do happen as the scientists scratched their heads asking ” what just happened? That’s not possible!” But those who were actively working on ease and grace for the situation, hats off to you! For my family and the many many families affected by the earthquakes our prayers continue to be with you through this difficult moment, that you too get through this with ease and grace.

Today I saw the power of prayer and team work with humanity divert what could have been a very very bad situation repeating itself. It brought to mind the need to talk about a couple of things, like we are co creators, and we can change the outcome or at least ease the outcome of certain events which are in motion right now. By remembering to stay calm and not in a place of panic and fear, but to be in a place of love if you can do this, the fear subsides and becomes transmuted. It reminded me of faith, to have faith that our loved ones no matter what is going on in the world are safe from harms way if we believe them to be.

Faith, to hold the faith that the universe knows what it’s doing and that there are no accidents in this life, in this reality, that it is a perfect harmonious dance we all share in together. That we are still in duality, although I will tell you that concept is going away fast. And anything associated with it will fall as well. So really what are you doing out there right now? Are you thinking that you will not have to deal with this stuff in this lifetime? That the government has it all under control? That this is someone else we are discussing, not YOU?! Well wake up! Because the time is NOW when things can be changed in the present moment! Think in terms of the 1800’s and how they didn’t have tv and gas lines and sewers and things like this, are you prepared to live like your ancestors did? Do you know how to make a fire? do you know your survival skills? Have you upgraded your girlscout badges lately? Ladies and gents, yes we can change the out comes, but we need to be realistic too! Be prepared with water and food stored away enough for a couple of weeks at least if you can and more if you are able. Water will be your most precious commodity. In the times I have lived through an earthquake, that was the one thing in short supply and high demand, nothing worked, it was like camping through aftershocks for days. People are not pleasant when they feel fear and lack. Very difficult to keep calm at times. But for the most part, I saw families pull together and help each other get through the very real and scary moments and offer to share what they had with those who had nothing. I saw humanity show it’s true beauty during the moments of pure darkness. It was amazing. I’m sure the people of Katrina and other disasters feel much the same way. When you share an experience like that it changes you just a little bit. In that flash of a moment it all stops meaning anything and there is just the love. Getting that part straight in your head is the hard part, that really none of the other stuff ultimately matters as you do not take that with you, your soul stores it but you do not continue to experience that same lifetimes lessons on the other side. The only thing which is true and does truly remain is the love we feel in our hearts.

So to remember to think positive, as my angels have been telling me to do all week! I thank them daily for watching over me.

Love n Light everyone!


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