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Greetings and salutations! One and All! Well today is going to be a heated day. We are going to see the energies of competitiveness, jealousy, insecurity and thus a lot of flying tongues! The absolute best way to deal with this today is to stay QUIET! Bite your tongue no matter how angry you get. Hold off for a day and see if things do not pass. Truly you will only serve yourself to observing the wisdom of silence. Because we may regret what words come out of our mouths otherwise. Words are like swords there are two edges. It can be used in a positive way, weilding the shield of truth, the pen is mightier then the sword they say too! So my point is that there is an energy associated with words. Some people are very sensitive to these types of things. So where most people would let words fall off their back others cannot do this and get “hypersensitive” about the words, they take this like a cut to their soul. Remember the law of attraction, cause and effect. What we focus on, what we put out comes back and quick!

So take care this day, do your best to ride the waves and be in a place of love and non reaction. Exercise the wisdom of silence and allowing to just be and let it pass.  Hold off for a day, at least!,  and then look at it again. Timing is everything, in holding off the other party is more receptive to receiving your side of things. To meet anger with anger, only becomes and exercise of control and unproductive when both sides shut down. So choose your battles, recognize the energies today are particularly strong and misunderstandings have a high probability today. So ride the waves in  Love n Light all. xoxo Kimberly

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