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“He was born and raised,  and realized his gift of healing in his hometown, of Los Angeles, California.  Bruce’s gift, as a Conduit for the Transference of Positive Healing Energies, came as a result of a conscious near death  experience, which occurred while he was driving alone on a crowded Los Angeles  Freeway in May of 2002. The thing he is most sure of today, is that he was most definitely not alone during that fateful ride.” 

Bruce Gold is an amazing man with an amazing journey and he will be LIVE! Tonight on Illuminations of light LIVE! Be sure to tune in http://www.blogtalkradio.com/illuminationsoflight at 9pm MDT. 

We will be discussing his gift, synchronicities and more! It promises to be a great show! For more information on our guest and the amazing work he’s participated in, visit http://www.bgspiritualhealer.com/.

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Don’t forget tonight is the night! 9pm MST Joshua James visits with Godluvsthisangel2 for an intimate conversation about his personal path, his time in Brazil with John of God, we will discuss his views of the shift and much much more! Joshua is a very interesting guy and you will for sure want to tune in tonight to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/illuminationsoflight at 9pm MST!

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