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On Sunday, Kimberly was asked to be a guest on Colorado We Cannabis Radio, which aired on time4hemp radio on iheart radio. The topic was cannabis and the 3rd eye. There were many technical issues on the show so only half of the show recorded, we have salvaged what parts of the interview lived. In a nutshell, the discussion was how cannabis for SOME can create spiritual experience and open the doors to the Creator’s consciousness. It as with any other tool, should be used in moderation, with reverence and respect and as a medicinal thing. It can be a tool, a stepping stone to achieve altered states of awareness, and allows those who suffer physically or emotionally to function whereas they cannot otherwise. As with people, each individual is different, and not all people will have a positive experience with it, but if we keep it in perspective you can have negative experiences in an allergic reaction with any substance, not exclusively pot. You must use discernment what works and doesn’t work with you and use anything in moderation. I have known many people who have had “god like” experiences or expanding consciousness and relaxation to the point that the brain moves into a meditative state instantly. It was a great way to give back and share the 420 holiday with the folks of Denver. Thanks to David Smith for our intro, to Tim Tipton for inviting me to be a guest, to Charles North and company for running the show while Tim was away, and to all who support our efforts to educate.

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Its 4/20 and its time for us here at “Illuminations of Light Live!” to talk about the subject that 4/20 commemorates and that is “Medical Marijuana”.!

Before I even get into anything political or quote an statistics etc., I would like to throw in my 2 cents worth of my feelings and personal observations , experiences. I will also share with you my opinion that I have concluded through those observations etc. I hope that all of you reading this blog please keep an open mind always.
So here is my two cents (or maybe more) about what I have experienced and observed. I will start off with my own experiences with the use of medical marijuana. I have suffered with frequent migraines and neck, shoulder and back issues and also depression. I’ve been dealing with the migraines for about 30 years, the back/neck/ shoulder issues for about 27 years (I initially injured myself when I was pregnant with my daughter and she is 27 years old) and the depression which has been sporadic for various reasons at various times for 20 years. I have gone through just about every regimen that is out there concerning migraines and just about every one for my particular injures concerning my back etc. Those regimens to get the highlights that pertain to my point goes something like this. Some of the regimens of med’s for pain for the headaches would make the go away after various periods of time had passed. That time varied between 10 mins to 3 hrs or so (which m ost likely the headache went on its own for one reason or another it wasn’t the med’s that did it) During the various time frames that it took for the headache to be relieved, and for most several hours after and some for days after, my brain was for all intents and purpose not really functioning properly, in other words; I was a great big dough head ! This was true also for the pain med’s and muscle relaxers that were prescribed to me. The effects of additional meds for my back/neck etc issues such as anti-inflammatory medications  were for my stomach were not the best let alone what I couldn’t feel the cumulative damage of years of use could  have done or is doing. Some of the side effects that were almost worse than the original issue and certainly when the side effects were in unison along with the original issue was horrible , which included such things as Stomach burning and pain, heartburn, acid reflux issues, constipation, diarrhea, the dough head non brain function thing, and the one that actually induced me to become depressed , the great 24/7 tired excessively all the time can’t keep my eyes or my mind focused at all I have to drink two gallons of espresso and I’m not sure that will work kind of thing. Then what more interesting regimens of meds that I was exposed to for the migraines were to give you an example, I was given some that I was  instructed that they were placed under the tongue (they tasted horrible ) and I was very firmly warned that I could only take 2 in a twenty four hour period or they would kill me, not might kill me, but, that they would kill me. (Thank God I wasn’t a suicidally inclined individual because there was ticket to ride contained in this small bottle of 20 pills!). Not only that when I took them which was only twice, it made me feel like I would imagine it would feel if I had took some psychedelic like L. S.D. or peyote or something. Then there was one doctor that treated me for awhile he was all about prevent, prevent, prevent meds that would prevent migraines. These little specials that I was to take daily for prevention of the migraines, I was told that they were made for people who suffered with epilepsy and by a pure accident they found out that worked in preventing the migraines on some people (notice I said Some people) but they didn’t know why they worked but they just did. I got to say right now that the fact that they didn’t know why they worked and it didn’t seem like they were interested in find out sent up red flags for me and the other that I almost inquired but caught myself was what kind of accident or what was the details of this “accidental” discovery was but I stopped myself because I really don’t think I wanted to know that, I already have a more than sketchy trust issues with some medical procedures and practices and medications that are used I didn’t want to make that go over the edge and loose completely any of the trust that was still holding on.  I tried them for a week begrudgingly, because I didn’t feel; that I should fill by body up with medication every day that was not an issue every day and sometimes not often I would go a month without one . I did try for 7 whole days and 6 days out of the 7 seven I spent praying to the porcelain goddess that resides in my bathroom (toilet for those who don’t know who “the porcelain goddess” is)  With that one as far as preventing anything the only thing they did was preventing me from eating for 7 days and not in a good way or diet way either. There was one that I took for the depression that actually made my hair fall out and made the depression worse. As my hair was starting to fall out I decided that the side effects were way worse that the depression also losing ones hair as an aide for curing depression just wasn’t working for me I guess self image and self esteem having those lost jus t didn’t seem to be conclusive to healing my depression …. Call me too vain …It was a personal choice and decision . The ones  that always got me for any of the meds that were prescribed for my issues were the ones that they approach you and say, ” These are fairly new so as far as side effects they have very few and they are mild side effects reported and we have no data on long term or cumulative effects to the body but they are probably okay. ( For me It’s the “probably” that made those red  flags rise.) The FDA approved them I assure you they are probably fine. ( there is that probably)  Just about then is when I wanted and eventually did, I’m sorry I watched my mother suffer a long and agonizing death unnecessarily that the 5 long years that it took experience the wonders of the FDA approved fairly new medicine that we are not sure of all the side effects short long cumulative etc etc side effects but they are PROBABLY okay medication merry go round. I know there are good conscientious people ion the FDA but there are also ones that if there palm were greased sufficiently etc. that medications  that are “FDA approved ” were not approved  exactly “by the book”. My father too suffered from some those probably okay meds also . He had several side effects from those fairly new lot that were probably okay that not only created new life threatening medical issues but also compounded the ones he already had due to that missing long term cumulative data that I’m its probably all good FDA approved and all. Eventually for him those “side effect” issue got him to a place where all drug manufactures would like us all to be . That place where you take meds to sleep meds to wake you up from the meds you took to sleep, meds to give you and appetite to offset the meds that put you asleep and woke you up meds to be able to eat to offset the prior meds and meds that would for all intents and pur pose “balance ” him out ,. It was like that they had to make sure he was taking an even number of meds if not they threw in the “balancer” for good measure and to give him the even thing.  I also had a neighbor (I promise this will be brief and then to the point of all of this I promise!) who suffered from a brain tumor and that was malignant and he of course was on a similar med merry go round.
I do want to state that marijuana is not without side effects but most of those side effects are so mild that most don’t even notice and others that have been touted as pervasive can be eliminated or rectified by administering it in one of several alternate ways.
I found for myself an answer or alternative to the current mainstream FDA approved regimes that have little or no side effects and have eliminated or minimized  any of the many pervasive long and short effects side or otherwise  cumulative effects that I was risking and experienced by using medical marijuana. I don’t use it because I have this crazed addiction  going on nor has it caused me to be come some horrible criminal or do some spontaneous stealing or deadly assault or some brain dead vegetable or some psychotic devil or anything. If used with common sense and being informed like any thing that you use for medical issues that even includes  band aids they work beautifully .  The use of this ancient multi use multi talented creation of the Creator that for thousands of years have been used my almost every culture on this planet, and that we have tons of true data (we also have a lot that has been used to p romote propaganda and is false) on more than just about any drug on the market, AS we speak there is more that is being collected; and why it is still having a problem being legalized is beyond me. I know that both my mother and my father if medical marijuana was used for them -, my mother would of had definitely a better quality of life for those 5 years, because the side effects that she endured and the cocktail of meds that she was given to offset dialysis and its side effects like the no appetite which prompted medication which acted adversely and made it so that she was not able to keep real food down for 5 years the only thing she survived on was a horrible liquid diet that she forced down and was pretty much held down by sheer will, medical marijuana would have been of great use and would have prevented the further side effect and combination med effect of not being able to rest which prompted another fairly new one and caused extreme leg restlessness and all of them especially in combined form made those last 5 years  a nightmare not only for her but for the ones that had to watch helplessly her suffering. My father wouldn’t have gotten to that med merry go round nor would he have collected additional life threatening medical issues which made his life more of a hell than it really should have been, and that his quality of life  lowered exponentially, I  don’t even want get started on that, if Medical marijuana had been used .  As far as my neighbor who had the brain tumor at my prompting tried it out  and within two weeks he was able to toss half of the meds that he was taking to be able to do everyday regular human functions such as eating sleeping not throwing up walking around like a pill filled side effect infested miserable person. It is bad enough that chemo patients are suffering from cancer and loosing hair but to half to endure horrible nausea loss of appetite etc. when for most of those patients that if medical marijuana was given to them there quality of life would improve by leaps and bounds as did my neighbor. This is an actual quote he said in the last few weeks of his life I wish I would have started using the marijuana at the beginning It would have given a better quality the life that I was left and then perhaps I would have been able to do more of the things I like and spent more quality time that I would remember clearly with those that I love and cared about, I am grateful for that the 6 months that I have had, and to think it has been there all along . I may come from a different era and have different perspectives on things than the younger people do but this one the government and the people who have not really seen the real story who have been blinded by ignorance etc are doing a disservice to those of like me . If I wasn’t dying I would be medical marijuana’s biggest fan.  You know the only conclusions that That I have been ab le to come to with what I have experienced and observed first hand and  I’ve only shared a few of them with you today is that The keeping of medical marijuana illegal is as my neighbor said, “it is doing a disservice to a whole lot of suffering and sick people unnecessarily!” . I know I said I’d do statistics but statistics can be easily manipulated to suit whatever side of the cause that you are in favor of an politically if you are interested in getting more info or letting someone know what you believe should be done with regards to this issue contact your state and federal representatives and let them know, go top your local library get and research the myriad of informational pamphlets and web sites that are available , ask people that have used medical marijuana or is using . Do your own investigation if not for anyone else but for yourself so you can be informed because you never know when God forbid that you become one of the ones that get some medical issu es that causes undue suffering or are suddenly in the position that my parents were in or my neighbor or me. Do the research, keep your  mind open ,look from the broader perspective , make sure you are willing to listen to those that have first hand experience and knowledge , and then do the math find out for yourself what the truth is, you never can go wrong with the truth no matter what the truth always wins out in the end. Thank you all God Bless and Happy 4 -20!!!!

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