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Greetings and Salutations One and All!!! Today is Earth Day. The day we celebrate our beloved Gaia! Here in Boulder they are coming out with all the stops! People wearing their rainbow gear and green hats planting trees and all kinds of celebrations all over town.

The energies out there are very polarized and people have been in weird head spaces all week. We are under the influences of Mercury Retro and it’s definitely having it’s affect.

I guess the most important thing or thought I would like to share with everyone today is to remember to come from a place of love and understanding. People are out of sorts and we need to remember tolorance. Hatred and gossiping is just so old energy! Help promote tolerance in your neighborhoods. We are the HUMAN RACE we come in many shapes sizes and religions. We all have the equal right to be on this planet and experience our lives. To push hatred is only hurting yourselves in the long run. So focus on how you can encourage support of all of humanity not just your own lil groups. How can we take action to unify our planet if everyone things their way is the only way?

I do hope that you make it a wonderful day! I planted some flowers and I am wearing my tie dies today!

Love Light n Blessings everyone@!

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