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Greetings and Salutations One and All!

We are very excited to present Mr. Allen Lottman on the show tonight! He’s just an amazing person so totally down to Earth, and all about helping people get better and live happier lives!

For over 25 years, Allen Lottman has studied, participated, and led a multitude of Transformational and Metaphysical Programs, He has been trained by some of the best leaders in his field and was certified as a “Directed Breathing” coach in 1986. He was Reiki 2 Attuned in 1986, at which time he felt his deepest connection to Spirit, and knew he was meant to heal people as part of his life path.
In 1987, Allen deepened his spiritual training when he became Yohti 5 Attuned, which is spiritual work to release negative entities from the body

Allen finds his inspiration in the work and philosophies of Dr. Tom Johnson, Werner Erhard, Sandra Ray, Deepak Chopra, Catherine Ponder, Dr. Wayne Dyer.

He has shared his powerful gifts with hundreds of people, in both his one-on-one sessions and in his workshops. He has worked with Actors, Athletes, Artists, Therapists, Students, and people from all walks, with one objective – to transform their lives. When asked what his strongest asset is, Allen says “My ability to create a safe environment and to connect on both a human and spiritual level with all my clients”.

“Breathtaking Solutions” is a safe place for people to let go of emotional memories stored in their body. The proprietary method of directed meditative breathing is designed to allow people to release negative feelings such as Fear, Anger, Hate, Pain, Guilt, and Sadness. My intention is to create Clarity, Power, Ease, and Freedom for people, so they can live their dreams!

I invite you to come and experience “Breathtaking Solutions”!

You can visit www.breathtakingsolutions.com

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