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Greetings and Salutations! One and All! Well have we got an amazing show for you tonight! Holistic Healthcare is our topic tonight!

Philip has been a Professional Spiritual Counselor for over a decade and has helped many folks empower themselves to a better understanding of their personal power, balance and happiness. Philip is from Hillsberg, Virginia and is a very down to earth type of guy! Great sense of humor, very knowledgeable on the topics of Home healthcare and remedies.He is the founder of Pride of Healing group and a long time friend of the Illuminations of Light family. He is a regular speaker and teacher on Paltalk and has done his own radio shows in the past in the UK. He is an empathic healer and an intuitive spiritual guide, and is presently continuing his education and finishing up certification coursework for his Holistic Health Practice. He provides suggestions for preventative therapy,to help fortify your health care or enhance the facilitation of healing in conjunction with your current medical treatments. He is going to be joining the Angel for an indepth conversation around the topic of Holistic Health Care and changing your lifestyle for a healthier you. We will also be talking about his school and going over some proactive things you can do at home to create an atmosphere of healthy living for the 21st century! For more information email BrightStarFire@PrideofHealing.com you can see his group on Facebook or http://www.prideofhealing.com! Be sure to tune into blogtalkradio.com/illuminationsoflight May 11, 2010! 9pm MST!

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