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Hello world! Well I have finally made it to the blog world.  My name is Kimberly. I am a single mom of three who has undergone an amazing journey in my lifetime.  This blog is dedicated to sharing with you the world some of my views and giving you the opportunity to ask some questions about life and the cosmos that you never understood or just want to see what my response would be. I will tell you that this site is a neutral zone as is my room and my talk show to come. I believe that all paths lead to the same truth and adhere to none of the paths that are here on this planet currently.  I am an original and believe in the original ways of thought. We are all one and that we exist in an illusionary world in order to expand our awareness and understanding of ourselves. My backround includes many years of research into the various paths and the messages they bring in addition to the many methods and tools available to us for our healing and growth and re-awakening to who we truly are! Sometimes it’s not the destination, but the experience of the journey which keeps us coming back for more. Smiles. I am well pleased to have another space and opportunity to meet with you my brothers and sisters of humanity. Thank you for your support and please do submit any questions you might have. Looking forward to it! xo Kimberly

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