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Greetings and Salutations One and All! I do hope the weekend has been a beautiful one for all of you thus far. As for me, things here in Boulder, CO have been quite pleasant.  I was able to get some house cleaning or Spring Cleaning done to help usher in the new energies as we enter into a wave of love. We have another 3.3.3 gate which opens today and another yet coming up as well and Mars is going direct on the 22nd and so we should see some very positive and creative energy coming in a huge wave over the next couple of weeks. Yay! I love the springtime! I hope you did something wonderful to celebrate!~I myself purchased some tulips as an offering of Spring to Mother and celebrated with a feast and lots of thanks for all the love and harmony that is in my life!

This weeks show should be interesting! Lianna, Petite Lion, my lovely co hostess will be asking me questions she’s always wanted to know about me and I will be asking her questions regarding some of her experiences on her journey! We both have some very interesting experiences to share with all of you and we are looking forward to this show and will be doing mini readings as part of the call ins this week. So you will for sure want to tune in this week to blogtalkradio.com/illuminationsoflight! We will discuss things like crowning and earth shifts and much much more! Don’t miss out!

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We are so excited to welcome the internationally acclaimed Randy Monk to our show! What an honor to have this man talk with us about how people can discover their life purpose! Randy is a beautiful soul, has worked with some of the most amazing beings on the planet and I’m sure has some amazing messages to share with us all! I am really looking forward to getting to know Randy better and I just know it’s going to be a blessing for all who listen! So TUNE IN! 3/2/2010 9pm MST, 8pm PST on blogtalkradio.com/illuminationsoflight

Randall Monk: During the latter part of December 2006 the company Randy had been employed with suddenly declared bankruptcy and closed their doors forever.  This was a turning point in his life, where he had to decide if he was going to continue on his current employment path or take a new path, fulfilling his life purpose, and if so, he had to determine what his life purpose was.   He decided to change directions and take a new path, embracing what he came here to do and move forward with his mission.

Randy has been studying self-improvement, metaphysics and spirituality since the early 1970’s.  He is the creator of Becoming an Alpha Master, a CD program containing sacred breathing techniques and meditations given by Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman (www.RonnaStar.com <http://www.RonnaStar.com&gt;). He worked closely with Ronna during the development of the Becoming an Alpha Master program and continues to do so with his involvement in the Quest for Mastery school (www.QuestForMaster.org <http://www.QuestForMaster.org&gt;).

Randy currently hosts three monthly telewebcasts: Ask Archangel Michael with Ronna Herman, Peggy Black’s, Morning Messages Live Transmission (www.MorningMessages.com <http://www.MorningMessages.com&gt;), and medium Isabelle Duchene’s telewebcast (www.DucheneIsabelle.com <http://www.DucheneIsabelle.com&gt;).    <mailto:RTMonk@gmail.com>

He is of the Lord Melchizedek lineage and has written an eBook Discover Your Purpose and Live Your Dream, which provides tools for people to discover their mission in this lifetime. Randy has also recently released a soft cover book, Life Mastery Tools for The Age of Ascension.

For a complete list of Randy’s available products visit www.timelyguidence.com

For more information visit our main site http://www.illuminationsoflight.com! Peace, love and light! One and All!

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