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Greetings and Salutations One and All! Hope that the holiday was terrific for you! This week’s show is going to blow your mind! Sierra Neblina has offered us an exclusive opportunity to share her story with the world!


Here is a bit about our guest:

Sierra Neblina, born in Orlando, Florida 40 years ago, never thought that she would end up as one of America’s most prevelent alien abduction cases in history. Her story begins in 1992. When she noticed a grey in her apartment, and the story goes from there. There are three major aspects to her story so we will be doing a series of interviews over the next few months telling her story. Sierra has been a sensitive all of her life and her journey is definitely going to keep you on the edge of your seat! She has a book and movie and speaking tour up and coming and will touch your heart with her very personal experiences. She is funny, intuitive, down to earth and credible. Here is what we will be discussing in our exclusive series of interviews with this amazingly fascinating lady!

Part I- The Greys.

1992- Sierra was in the reserves in Colorado Springs residing with her girlfriend. There were a series of events which led her to find a 3 ft grey in her apartment. Prior to this she was a shaman, energy worker, animal psychic and medium, ETs and such were not a part of her realms so this was a shocker for her.

Sierra had become impregnated in that encounter and the baby taken at five months. She began to investigate into what had taken place with her.

One day the MIB’s showed up and took her to NORAD where she was shown several things.  Tune in to hear what she witnessed.

Part II-Discovery of being a braided walk-in and the integration processes. To be explained in further detail during the show.

Part III- The councils and what they have to say to humanity.

Be sure to join us for this amazing woman’s interviews on blogtalkradio.com/illuminationsoflight.

I hope that you can join us tonight! 9pm MST.

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