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Greetings and Salutations! Well it’s been an energetic week for sure! And we continue our healing series with an amazing lady who I had the great pleasure to meet this summer! Mrs. Jeanne Russell joins us LIVE! This Wednesday night 9pm MDT on Illuminations of Light LIVE!. 

An Intuitive Reiki Master, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP), Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor and Apprentice to Rebecca Goeff of Aqua Cranial, Jeanne Russell has extensive training in many modalities.  From this training, Jeanne created her own healing modality called “Dolphin Touch Reiki” which is a combination of Reiki and Bodywork. This work can be done wet or dry -in the healing waters of Kauai’s oceans or at her healing center, Dolphin Touch Wellness Center in Kauai, Hawaii on a Water Massage Table. She has always felt a strong connection to dolphins since she was a young girl growing up on the beaches of New York in a magical place called Breezy Point. She considers it an honor to share the messages of the dolphins and a life long goal to help people connect to their energy and vibration.

“The dolphins have taught me to Open my Heart and Surrender. Even out of the water, they have shown how to connect to their vibration and their joy! They bring an Inner Peace and Connection to all that is!”   Jeanne Russell

Jeanne’s has used her real estate license to build a Healing Center devoted to the Energy and Vibration of the Dolphin. This vision came to her one night while doing Reiki on her husband, David.  David had a nerve injury to all four of his extremities. While doing a session on him one beautiful evening on Kauai, Jeanne felt the dolphin vibration come through her to heal her husband. The sensation was powerful and brought tears to her eyes. After the session, David remarked that he had never felt better. After that experience, Jeanne has enjoyed connecting with the dolphins while performing Intuitive Reiki on her clients. She calls this type of healing modality “Dolphin Touch Reiki.”

It should be an exciting show! I know ya’ll will love her as much as I do! If you wish to participate in an amazing retreat or get some awesome aqua cranial treatments contact Jeannee!


Dolphin Touch Wellness Center

4544 Kukui St, Kapaa, HI 96746 

(808) 822-4414


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“He was born and raised,  and realized his gift of healing in his hometown, of Los Angeles, California.  Bruce’s gift, as a Conduit for the Transference of Positive Healing Energies, came as a result of a conscious near death  experience, which occurred while he was driving alone on a crowded Los Angeles  Freeway in May of 2002. The thing he is most sure of today, is that he was most definitely not alone during that fateful ride.” 

Bruce Gold is an amazing man with an amazing journey and he will be LIVE! Tonight on Illuminations of light LIVE! Be sure to tune in http://www.blogtalkradio.com/illuminationsoflight at 9pm MDT. 

We will be discussing his gift, synchronicities and more! It promises to be a great show! For more information on our guest and the amazing work he’s participated in, visit http://www.bgspiritualhealer.com/.

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