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Greetings and Salutations my beautiful friends! The energies of winter are now behind us and what a ride it was! So many changes! Some great miracles and healings have occurred and a lot of love energy has moved in!  So in the spirit of new beginnings, I thought, this year, I’m going to plant my garden in a little different way…. I plant a garden of some flavor every year. Over the past few years, I have been in apartments and always used planters to house my beauties. This year,  I am going a bit of a different route once again!  So this is the first installment of my gardening journey 2012. I am very open to any helpful tips you might wish to share with all of us as well. This is simply how I am doing mine!    I began with heirloom organic seeds, these were for beefsteak tomatoes. Now I learned from a wise person that you should always bless your seeds and infuse them with your energy signature and ask that they provide what you need to stay healthy. I have also learned that water is responsive to positive words and music! So I have applied this to my own routine as well!  T o bless the seeds hold them in your palm and cover them with your other hand and run energy through them with your intentions and desires for their service to you. Ask Mother Earth to nourish them and make them healthy and vital.   Then thank them for all they are, and let them know you are honored to work with them in this cooperative effort. Then plant them.     There are several ways to begin your plants from seeds, I would recommend that you get a self watering set up or place your holders in something which will hold water. New seedlings require a great deal of water as they are starting out.  There are products out there which are very simple to use, pods that offer the nutrients needed for new seeds to sprout. Jiffy produces a professional and self watering set up for a nominal fee.  This is the basic set up, very simple, just add water, pods soak it up, you move soil, add a few seeds per pod and cover with plastic lid and keep in dark dry space making sure to keep them moist and they grow in the pods til about 2-3″ inches and they can be easily transplanted to your favorite gardening area. As you can see here I have them labeled for easier identification later on.    Another friend of mine, Elaine, used a great idea, she took dixie cups and filled them with organic seed starter ingredients and a deep pan to start her little lovlies!  What your choice of containers after this stage is entirely up to you! Some interesting ideas I saw in other blogs about this topic, which I think are fabuloso! Shoe organizers, fill the pockets with dirt and you have a wonderful space saving, green, planter for patio vertical fun!  Another set of great container ideas, wagon wheels allow you to separate, recycle and have a quaint country look to your garden!  Another great idea is recycled cans like coffee cans, and bbq’s make great gardening tables and hideaways for supplies!  I am going to be building mine with recycled patio wood and maybe a few other surprises, bathtubs are great!. toilets are also great! Paint them and get creative, one man’s trash is another’s treasure!  So final steps in the beginning process which I have incorporated and we will see how that works.

1. Bless the water you water with each time you water.

2. Put positive words on the container where your seeds are growing. It’s a proven fact positive words affect water and plants in a positive way!

3. Make sure to label which seeds are which! and don’t plant more then two to three seeds per pod!

I used floss picks and post its to label these!

4. Crystals and music can pump up the growth process as well!!

Some people like to put crystals in the soil with the plants,. when using planters of smaller size, I charge crystals and place them in the bottom as part of drainage system as well as in the soil itself, this always gives a great boost to the overall health I have found over the years.  Music from the phone or stereo is great for overall health of plants as well, so I play a variety of music, classical, native american, rock n roll, country.

5. Talking to your plants as if they were people. team members, also helps the over all health of the plant, they feel too as we are all connected after all.

I will keep adding to this topic of mine as my areas of growing get built. Hopefully this was helpful to someone who wants to start their own gardens this year! 

Namaste, Kimberly

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